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Our Terms and Conditions

Our terms and Conditions are as simple as we are. So let's cut to the good stuff.

1. We won't sell your information

2. We are a non-profit web-page dedicated to giving like-minded nerds a platform that wont take advantage of your information and blast you with target ads and other BS

3. We (being administrators) have the right to ban your IP from the site if we feel you are violating our terms and conditions

4. No harassment or targeting someone in an inhuman way as stated in out FAQ's (shouldn't have to spell that one out for you, but here we are...)

5. Information stored on this page is public, and isn't guaranteed to be backed up in any way for later use, and can be deleted at any time at the expense of the owners* time. However, I will most likely notify members via Email if anything were to be deleted, not guaranteed, but if I do and you request your information to be backed up, I will do my best to accommodate 

6. This list may be updated at any time (But obviously I am not going to add something stupid on here...)

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