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Thanks for visiting my profile! I will post past and future updates to the site here. Create your own profile and use this as your social media platform for everything gaming, streaming, and nerdy!

Updates to the Site as of 09/04/2020

  • Updates to Mobile access and Members security

  • SEO work - continually being updated

Updates to the Site as of 05/15/2020

Updates to the Site as of 02/25/20

  • Welcome new site members! I am excited to announce that we have gained 4 new members over the course of the last month. We hope to grow the site up to around 200 active members in the next few months.

  • My TikTok @anthonyterrano is fairly substantial in driving traffic - looking at the idea of adding a forum for tech tips!

  • Updates to Mobile and Web platform in design. Including Profile pages (removed dark mode) to lessen the confusion that you can actually write on here!

  • Removed Carona Watch. Since I was the only updating it, it took so much time out of my day to check and see how many people died, sort of morbid lol.

Updates to the Site as of 12/10/2019

  • Chat has been removed. We may implement a chat feature if members become more active on the site.

  • Profile Banners added for more profile customization!

  • New 2019 Christmas Badge live, to get it, all you need to do is set a picture as a banner for your profile, or become a new site member

  • Mobile has been sped up and looks pretty darn good. Always let me know if you experience and issue by going to the Survey page under the Menu "About"

Some awesome new Updates have been added to TTB recently Here are some highlights!

  • Forums! Go check them out and post anything you'd like

  • Chat! Chat with other members and talk about stuff and things

  • Profile additions! Explore whats available in your profiles by poking around

I am the Designer and Owner of this page! :) I hope you enjoy - I am the guy in the middle

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