YouTube Introduces New Homepage Feature That Doesn't Suck

The "Feed Filer" at the top of the page (right under search) allows you to filter your homepage, finally! As you can probably see by my current lineup of available filter options I don't watch similar videos all the time. Sometimes I spend an entire day of watching Bob Ross do his magical canvas art, and other I spend in the tech scene. Now, I don't have the weirdest looking home page in the world, I can simply filter my options and go from there. Helpful!

Hopefully they will add a search feature to this, but for now they give you about 20 recommended filters to choose from, I imagine because they are literally using the tags people post on their videos, which is fine and all, but a search for "tech" would be very helpful for someone like me.

Well if you are anything like me, you might actually use this thing! It's strange to see such a simple feature rollout like this that really makes you wonder... Why wasn't this a thing before? For years Youtube has gotten backlash for not showing relevant content on the homepage. Half the subscribers I sub to don't make it to my homepage because they are "big you-tubers" or upload every day - doesn't mean I don't want to see that sh*t!!! It basically makes it near impossible for a small you-tuber to become relevant, unless they are the 1% that go viral. Anyway, thought I'd let you all know about the cool new feature! It's pretty easy to miss at first glance. Luckily I got the little pop-up telling me what it is.

Anyway, Happy YouTube-ing!