5 Reasons You NEED to Buy Mordhau

Mordhau is a multiplayer medieval fighting game that has a Battle Royale, 24 vs 24 mode similar to conquest from the Battlefield series, and a PVE horde mode. These are 5 reasons you NEED to buy this game.

5- Graphics! This game is absolutely gorgeous. The fact that it was made by a small team with next to no experience is insane. Shadows look awesome, textures are great and it feels very realistic. It's not as amazing as something like Witcher 3, But it's still fantastic.

4- Gore! If you love gore, this is the game for you. Blood flying everywhere, cutting limbs off and giggling like a school girl the whole time is just too much fun. I could play it all day just to watch heads roll off of peoples shoulders.

3- You loved chivalry! If you've been playing PC for a while, odds are you played Chivalry: Medieval Warefare. The developers of Mordhau are former Chivalry veterans. The fighting mechanics feel just like those of Chivalry. It doesn't have as many modes, but it's definitely just as fun if not more.

2- Getting good feels soooooo satisfying! Mordhau has a pretty steep learning curve, but it's not so steep that it's impossible to learn. Once you start figuring out the mechanics and getting kills you feel like a total champ. Faking a stab and then cutting somebody's head off because they fell for your feint is too much fun.

1- It's just fun! I did nothing but play the game after I bought it. I played 18 hours of it before I even felt like playing anything else. It's not strictly melee, there are bows, crossbows, ba