Xbox Or PlayStation

Even with New Console's around the corner, the war between Xbox and PlayStation still goes strong. Both platforms have great games and a lot of exclusives that are towering over one another. So lets break both sides down and see what they offer!

So the main question do I need Xbox live? No, you simple don't. There's a free version with basic services that allow subscribers to do things like

- Offline games

- Download items from Xbox Marketplace - Entertainment apps like Netflix and Hulu

- Internet Explorer, Skype, and OutDrive

Those are pretty basic needs that you can use the Xbox for free. But if you don't have a Membership here's what your missing!

- Online Multiplayer game play

- Quicker access to Beta's and Demos

- Discounts on digital titles up to 50-75%

- Free 3 games every month, old or new - Free storage - Video chatting

Here's how much each tier cost per month - 1 month $9.99

- 3 month $24.99