WoW Classic Servers Still Full!

Hey folks! So everybody knows about the big news, World Of Warcraft Classic is out and launched yesterday at 6:00 P.M. Eastern Time. But sadly Blizzard didn't think things through with the amount of people coming to WoW Classic. Over 1 million people, from all over the world tried to log-in last night.

And it didn't go over well.

With queue times like these, I could do a full days work then come back home, walk my dogs and still be waiting! last night was awful! But it's making me want to play more. Blizzard is also not in a rush to add more servers or even expand them. But instead, Blizzard is aiming to create groundwork from which WoW classic can grow slowly. "Our top priority for WoW Classic is ensuring that we are laying the groundwork for a strong realm of communities that will endure over the months and years to follow, which is why we're cautiously opening new servers to meet demand", Blizzard report's Well this doesn't look good for most of us who really want to play.

Especially me.

Hopefully by the end of the week the servers will be bigger and people will be happier!

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