What is Bethesda Thinking?

Well, I didn't expect to be writing another article on Bethesda this soon. Yet, here I am with another one. Bethesda has struck again. Just when we thought Fallout 76 was dead, swept under a rug to never be talked about again, we get this. Bethesda has decided to implement a subscription service into Fallout 76! For the low low price of $12.99 a month OR $99.99 a year, you can get premium access to stuff that should've already been in this train wreck of a game from the very start! Listen, I've ripped this game apart in a previous article, so I won't do that again. But for the love of god Bethesda, the game has been out for over a year. Who in their right mind would spend 99.99 a year for this game? The game itself is only $23.99 through the Bethesda store as of now.

What comes with this premium subscription service? What does Bethesda think is worth $99.99 a year? You'll be able to have private worlds! A world for yourself and up to seven other players. Unlimited storage! You'll get a lovely scrapbox where you can keep all the crafting components you could imagine in. A placeable fast travel point that has a stash, a sleeping bag and other stuff nobody cares about. 1,650 Atoms per month! That's right, you will get some of Bethesda's premium currency to spend on the most boring cosmetics possible. A new Ranger Armor outfit, and some icons and emotes.

In no way shape or form should this exist. The game is bad, it's been half assed from the very start and the fact that Bethesda hasn't just taken the bullet and stopped trying to pry money away from their customers is despicable. The scrapbox and fast travel point are "pay to win" and the rest means jack shit. Bethesda went from being a favorite among gamers to public enemy number one with this game. Rather than fixing their relationship with the gaming community they pull this stunt. Further damaging their image. You'd think with Elder Scrolls coming out within the next couple years they would want to just stay quiet and make that the best game possible to make up for their sins. But no, they clearly just don't care. It's incredible to me.

In other news, The Outer Worlds comes out tomorrow! Creators of the original Fallout and Fallout: New Vegas are making their very own RPG that looks like a mixture of Fallout and Borderlands but in space! The game can be purchased through the Epic Games Store, OR you can get it through the Xbox Game Pass on PC and pay only $9.99 a month for it and many other games!

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