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What Cell Phone Provider Should You Have?

Updated: Mar 8, 2019

When it comes down to reliability, cost, deals, and overall coverage - there really isn't any one name brand that surpasses all in every state across America. Unfortunately for most people, all they care about is the deals on phones and nothing else. How good is a racecar without any gas? - arguably worthless. Also, side note... Why is every carrier allowed to call themselves the most reliable and best network in the market? If I went all through Highschool saying "No! I am the most popular kid too" then surely that can't be true, I mean c'mon, have you seen my face? Sorry Lyca Mobile :/

Verizon is definitely deserves a seat at the popular kids table. One thing they have done right, at least, is dump a lot of their profits into infrastructure. The only issue I have is their type of infrastructure, which is CDMA. The rest of the world, and most other carriers run off of GSM, a higher bandwidth and larger reaching signal. Also, it's worth noting that It's making CDMA phones pretty much unique to Verizon alone. Not to mention if you have a CDMA only phone and go anywhere outside the US you are screwed. Below is the coverage map so you can see the lies they are telling you, I mean, "The worlds most reliable 4G LTE network" - Verizon

So obviously AT&T comes second. They dominate with their fast GSM network and actually reliable coverage, unless you live in anywhere that doesn't have a big city. Oh.. Did I just say that out loud - Crap. They are joining Charter communications sweet "deal" that is actually sucking you into a long term contract for every until your soul gets sucked out and they own you. We all know by now that they have paired with Direct TV and bundle in deals based on your contract plans. They do a pretty good job of making it seem like you are saving money when you are paying up the a$$ for your services. See I can do it too:

Would you like to buy this lolipop fir $50? no way? way too expensive huh? Well how about I make you a deal. I will give you this lolipop for a penny. Woah? seriously? yeah Id take 4 of them then, one for each of my family members! Hold up. All you have is pay us $4.16 per month for 1 year and then you are free to go. Sound good? We will give you all these "benefits" if you join like early termination fees of $50 and cool new wrappers every week! Suckers.

"Today, our mission is to connect people with their world, everywhere they live and work, and do it better than anyone else" - AT&T

Us Cellular, it seems like they know they wont be the popular kid so instead they take advantage of the leftovers the popular kids leave behind. What these guys are proud of doing is putting towers up on top of mountains and places that the big dogs can't reach, yet. I mean even their slogan is "Service in the middle of anywhere" but I think what they mean to say is "service in the middle of nowhere" And you know what? I am totally okay with that. They aren't that expensive, yes they do run off of mostly Verizon's towers when you are in the middle of civilization and they also share the same compatibility - CDMA, but if you are that old guy who lives in a log cabin and needs to call life alert, this is a viable option. Here lies their coverage map, soon to be eaten by the popular kids, or purchased for a nice sum of money.

Anyone else enjoy that these are color-coded to the logo design. Anyway, T-mobile. I was going to choose sprint but they made me mad once so they can go away. T-Mobile is like, the weird kid that sits alone but when you get to know him you find out that hes actually, like, a really smart guy and quite nice to be around. He just has no idea how to be social and make things happen. So I respect T-Mobile for that. GSM network.

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