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We All Get a Little Tilted Sometimes

Sometimes when we play games it's important to remember that it's just a game. And be as it may that the path isn't clear when you are in the moment. It doesn't prove you are any more of a man, or woman, if you get that sick Pentakill. All things said and done, you have to really not be the toxic person in your group of friends. We have all heard the one in the party just raging because they got killed so many times or they are having an off night. I think it's also equally important for your friends to call attention towards it. Some people have such a hard time knowing when they rage, me included. My head gets so hot and heavy and I just freak out because I am battling myself inside my own head. Usually it's my girlfriend who calls attention towards it but she usually just ends up yelling at me for slamming my keyboard or throwing a chair. Still haven't thrown a chair in front of her yet, but I have thrown many-a-chair in my day.


It's important as well to keep a cool head, when you start to feel the rage coming out or the buildup of that "sick" play you're about to have and it all goes south, just remember to breathe. You don't ever want to compromise your loved ones, and for me, I don't ever want my loved ones to think I can't control my anger. I can and I will. I just need to work towards it is all, and I am willing to keep trying. It's almost like an addiction, but arguably worse. In a way that I don't know I am even doing it until it's too late.. Maybe it's not, I have never really been addicted to anything, other than maybe gaming. But gaming isn't bad, just the rage part. Anyway, thanks for reading and I hope this helps my fellow ragers out there. Keep on trying to be the best, strive for greatness, but never let the toxicity come out.

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