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VW Electric Cars to Market for 2022!

Electric cars resume to pave the way to the future of transportation and autonomous driving. VW just publicly announced it's concept car lineup for 2022 production with expectations to sell millions across the globe. From left to right above you have the VW ID, the VW ID Crozz, and the VW Buzz - A play on word to the original VW Bus. Lets take a closer look at each!



The VW ID is probably the slickest looking hatchback I have seen to date. Including Tesla's hatchback. VW Has a similar battery design that lines the floor of the entire car with 4 wheel drive motors at the center of each wheel - making the torque ridiculous and the weight highly centered and low. The last image is the model 1 teaser from last year - the white models above are the new concept looking to actually come to market by 2022 - Says VW.


VW ID Crozz

The Crozz is a larger hatchback with incredible room and cargo space. Same features in autonomy and drive shafts as the ID but obviously meant for the soccer mom. Same release time of 2022 for the market at least in the UK.


VW Buzz

What is not to love about this. It's a modern spin on a classic bus! I think VW did an amazing job keeping the look iconic and true to it's old gasoline version. The cargo space is better than the original and currently has a working prototype on the road today. This is definitely intended for the modern hippy.

Good for VW to take the lead on turning heads into the electric car world. I only hope that all these companies have a plan for charging being universal and not proprietary. Unfortunately for Tesla, they had no choice but to make it strictly proprietary because no other Electric car manufacturer had a good enough charging station. It wouldn't surprise me if Elon decided to make some sort of removable charging head for his stations so you could use the Tesla super chargers on other vehicles - after all, it will save the planet so it's in the best interest of the people, not their wallets. Just waiting on that Apple car though... Where are you Apple?

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