Ubisoft's Inability To Release Balanced Ops In R6 Is Infuriating!

Odds are you've heard of Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six: Siege, the game was released on December first 2015. The game struggled mightily out of the gate, very buggy, very inconsistent and not at all what was promised. The game has kept gaining popularity over time which isn't often heard of. The game had only 18,130 concurrent players in it's first month, not hitting over 50,000 players until almost a year and a half later. The game currently sits at 137,434 concurrent players. That's over seven and half times the amount at launch three years later!

Rainbow Six' first free update Black Ice. This brought the map Yacht and two operators Frost and Buck to the game.

However, despite the games incredible growth, there is still one problem that persists. Ubisoft has done an excellent job of extending the games lifespan with a new free update every three or so months since it's release adding new content. The updates generally contain two new characters or Operators as they are called and sometimes a new map. The big problem with this, is nearly every time they release somebody, they are so unbalanced and overpowered they are nerfed not too far down the road.

The newest update is called Burnt Horizons and features two new Australian ops by the names of Gridlock and Mozzie. So far I don't see too much wrong with Mozzie, but Gridlock is the one in question. She is the attacking operator who's ability is throwing out small spiked traps that do damage and slow down the enemy team. Each trap does ten damage, and throwing one trap tosses out a bunch more, which then fills up an entire hallway and makes noise when triggered. This acts as a way to prevent roamers from flanking. The problem for me is that this will make it near impossible to roam silently if there's a decent Gridlock towards the end of the round. I also dislike how fast her LMG's reload time is, as well as the scope you are able to use which has the same magnification as the ACOG but allows you to see clearly around it much like the .44 magnum of Kaid and Nomad.

The list of "DLC" operators that have come out and needed a nerf shortly after their release continues to grow with this update. Here are a few big examples. Blackbeard, released Y1S2 in the Operation Dust Line Update, has seen several nerfs to his head shield. Going from the original one head shield with 700 HP to the two shields each with fifty HP. Ela, released Y2S3 in the Operation Blood Orchid update, had a gun with the fastest fire rate in the game, nearly no recoil, and a fifty round magazine as well as stun mines that were also nerfed. Lion, released Y3S1 in the Operation Chimera Update, literally gave your entire team wall hacks. You can go back to almost every update and find something that was borderline ground breaking and overpowered that needed to be nerfed. You'd thing that Ubisoft would learn from their mistakes and stop doing the same thing update after update. Is it too much to ask for balanced operators? Just a few updates that work properly would be nice.

Despite my (and the communities) complaints I would still recommend the game. It's often on sale for under thirty bucks and it can be very rewarding when you play well.

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