Trumps Just Kidding! to Ban Huawei in US

"Very complex, Highly Scientific" - Trump 2019

You might have caught up with the news that the 2nd largest cellphone manufacturer in the world, Huawei, was previously threatened by Trump to seize all action with the US market for Trumps big idea to remove outsourcing for funds and keep Americas money behind our own literal walls. What he didn't realize was that America was selling them parts, not buying them - at least in the grand scheme of things. In a recent conference he admits that Silicon Valley does "great work" and we are allowing Huawei to buy parts from American sources. In his defense he says that its actually "Very complex by the way, Highly Scientific"

Up 8% YoY and surprisingly Apple -15% YoY

Trump is a moron. Check out the full conference here:

It's pretty remarkable how insignificant the US really is when they threaten and ban a company from purchases in the US overnight, and that company surges to a 8% YoY while Apple, which is an American company who outsources everything, drops -15% YoY. What are we doing America? Hello??

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