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Hey folks we have our Top 10 favorite picks from you guys! So here are the Results!

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10: Alto's Adventure

There's a moment in Alto's Adventure that you realize bouncing off rocks in snowy downhill mountains are just plain fun! But the game mechanic is a lot harder to complete for certain goals and wombo combos. This is totally the chillest game you'll play, you snowboard down mountains with a bunch of different sceneries trying to find your Llama's! because the main character can't build a fence correctly. Some nights laying in bed, getting this random urge to catch llamas and doing backflips on your snowboard just completes the night! With always feeling "just one more level!". Haven't grown tired from it yet? Well maybe i'm too much of a fan for endless runners that lead themselves into oblivion for endless entertainment with long-playthroughs, while still discovering new things everytime im trying to beat my new scores and looking at the beautiful background.

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9: Mobile Legends

A free-to-play MOBA quite similar to League of Legends, is by far one of the most tanned games i've seen in a long time going over the top. When starting off your first game, it warms you up with a practice match! So don't get to hyped when you kill everyone and finish the game under 2 minutes. Believe it or not but Mobile Legends is not simple, based on most MOBA games you will feel the pain in there 5 vs 5 match making. Plus never forget that they have over 50 champions with 3 different skill sets and depending on their type you either win or lose.

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8: Plague Inc.

One of my favorite games! This game is all about killing people and i'm not joking. Basically the premise of the game here is to kill off the entire planet's population by Biochemical diseases, Isn't that FUN!? Like Risk trying to kill your enemies, you have to kill... Everyone? Right? Anyway, it's very fun and i highly recommend it, and games can last anywhere between 15 minutes to an hour depending how well your doing. If you never played this before i will tell you Greenland washes there hands with their magical powers to keep germs away, @#$%ing powerhouse.

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While laying in bed minding my own business, i pulled out my PUBG mobile off my phone to kill some time then BOOM! First solo chicken dinner! For those who don't get it winning a match on PUBG means you win a Chicken dinner! Sure the the graphic's have been downgraded significantly, with emptier buildings, lower level of geometry, and blurrier textures during the initial parachute jumps. But its hard to tell on a way smaller screen! Overall it really feels like, and is, PUBG. But of course on the phone.

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Ever feel like while mining, once you stop your one block away from diamond? YEAH ME TO. Minecraft hit the world about 10 years ago and still has millions of people playing. Nowadays everyone has Minecraft! Some people rather stay home and play it to build there fantasy house, castle, or even a wall so tall no one can get in! If you're getting really frisky join another server so you can play with friends or random ass people. But now there's a way to play it on your phone! Minecraft POCKET EDITION! Everything is the same but just on a very tiny screen. So if you ever go on a road trip and want to beat Minecraft!? Just pull out your phone and kick the s@#$ out of that Ender Dragon! But make sure you have everything you need because there's no way back. Just kidding, you get wings!

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5: Hearthstone

Hearthstone is very simple. Draw digital cards with funny pictures of gnomes and Dragons or sometimes murlocs! Place them accordingly to a strict Mana count: each turn allowing for more expensive cards to enter the arena. From there choose to attack or defend, then repeat until dead or a winner! Which shows how mechanically brilliant and fast pace Hearthstone can really be. Many cards depend on luck because you can have 1 HP but with luck of the cards you can turn the whole game around drawing that one card that saves the day. FlameWalker is my personal favorite luck draw because it fires off random Fireballs every time you cast a spell isn't that shenanigans?! FEEL THE BURN BABY.

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4: Pokemon GO

Out of all the games we talked about, this one in particular was purely fun plus I brought you outside. That's rare in a game and never even heard of before. Pokemon GO hit the world like a Solar Beam, or Hyper beam?Some kind of powerfully explosive beam if you ask me. Those who were familiar with the classic franchise and the Cutting Edge technology knew it was going to be a huge deal. Of course no one knew how big, server-crushing, street-flooding, industry-redefining, culture-shaping big.

That's not all either, it even got people to travel around the world to battle gyms and get different types of Pokemon like Tauros in the USA. While others got Mr.Mime or even Kangaskhan. So if you travel a lot, pick up the free game Pokemon GO and go catch them All! Too cliche? I'll leave now.

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3: Shadowgun Legends

Everything about Shadowgun Legends screams, You guessed it! High-end shooter. If you ever played a mobile FPS before, this is the kind of game you can pick up and play with minimal experience. A swipe on the left thumb lets you look around, the right is dedicated to movement and firing it automatic if you stick qith the default settings. From the games hub, there are always solo missions, as well as Co-op Quest and virtually every form of multiplayer versus content you can think of. Weather teaming up with other players or cutting them down in Cold Blood, Shadowgun Legends is making competitive contenders such as Fortnite and Pubg rethink things on the mobile gaming industry. Because they better watch out there's a new game in town and it has lasers pew pew!

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2: Angry Birds

Of course this classic made it to the ranks of our Top 10! Angry Birds is one of the oldest modern cell phone games out there from the late 2000's! Basically how you play, drag and tap your finger on the screen to aim and launch Birds off a giant slingshot to collapsed structures and Destroy pigs that are hidden inside them. By observing how the birds behave in flight, some have special abilities and will learn the gravitational momentum effect for objects or different consistencies (such as ice, wood, and rock).

Players can retry level as many times as they want without penalty, leaving them free to experiment with different strategies until they've mastered the level!

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1: Monument Valley

Monument Valley a short but sweet masterpiece. You can see the philosophy of this game right from the beginning. You don't get a conventional tutorial or anything. Your thrown into this world and, after a couple of minutes you will get used to the controls. If you tap somewhere and Ida is able to move there then she will. There are also several elements that you can interact with, but I will not spoil the fun for you. After finishing the very easy introductory level, which is actually stage 1 the game itself starts for real. These levels are called momentum's and it's all part of a background story. The fact that the game actually has a story, something that is so rarely seen these days on mobile games even on some console games can't come close to some stories on mobile gaming industry.

Your main mission is always to reach the goal at the top of this momentum's. When this happens, Ida places a geometric object on top of it then clears the stage. Monument Valley is not like common games in this day and age, in which you earn coins, orbs, gems, or similar to buy in-game stuff and move forward. So you won't actually win any kind of in-game currency. It's just a super clean casual game to play with beautiful scenery.

Well guys thanks for reading i hope a lot of these help you pick some new games to check out!

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