Top 10 Mobile Games!

Hey folks we have our Top 10 favorite picks from you guys! So here are the Results!

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10: Alto's Adventure

There's a moment in Alto's Adventure that you realize bouncing off rocks in snowy downhill mountains are just plain fun! But the game mechanic is a lot harder to complete for certain goals and wombo combos. This is totally the chillest game you'll play, you snowboard down mountains with a bunch of different sceneries trying to find your Llama's! because the main character can't build a fence correctly. Some nights laying in bed, getting this random urge to catch llamas and doing backflips on your snowboard just completes the night! With always feeling "just one more level!". Haven't grown tired from it yet? Well maybe i'm too much of a fan for endless runners that lead themselves into oblivion for endless entertainment with long-playthroughs, while still discovering new things everytime im trying to beat my new scores and looking at the beautiful background.

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9: Mobile Legends

A free-to-play MOBA quite similar to League of Legends, is by far one of the most tanned games i've seen in a long time going over the top. When starting off your first game, it warms you up with a practice match! So don't get to hyped when you kill everyone and finish the game under 2 minutes. Believe it or not but Mobile Legends is not simple, based on most MOBA games you will feel the pain in there 5 vs 5 match making. Plus never forget that they have over 50 champions with 3 different skill sets and depending on their type you either win or lose.

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8: Plague Inc.

One of my favorite games! This game is all about killing people and i'm not joking. Basically the premise of the game here is to kill off the entire planet's population by Biochemical di