Top 10 Games That Defined My Decade.

THAT'S RIGHT! I'M BACK! It's been over a month since I've written anything. To my adoring fans who depend on me to brighten their days, I apologize. Anyway... Before we dive in here I need to say that these are MY top ten games. I was eleven at the start of this decade so keep that in mind. Some of these games didn't even come out in this decade. My parents were semi strict when it came to what I played. With that being said. LET'S GET THIS SHOW ON THE ROAD!


10. Beat Saber: For those of you who don't know, beat saber is a VR game that gives you two lightsabers, flashes lights and throws color-coded cubes at your face and tells you to cut them in a specific direction to the beat of a song. This is sitting at number ten because it's the game that truly embodies VR for me. It's loud, it's fun, it's a hell of a workout and the first day I played it I played for six hours. Great game, highly recommend.

9. Grand Theft Auto 5: I'm not going to explain. Everybody knows what this game is. This was the first GTA game I got into heavily. GTA IV was fun and all, but I was "too young" to play when it came out. GTA V was fun, huge, violent and absolutely hilarious to 14 year old me. I was just getting into playing multiplayer games a lot and this really kicked everything off.

8. Batman Arkham Series: I can't really choose a specific game. I did play Arkham Asylum when that came out, it was one of the first games I bought with my very own hard-earned Christmas money. Arkham City was an incredible game that I have played multiple times over the last ten years. I have played, beaten and thoroughly enjoyed every single game in the series, even Origins which was met with a lot of criticism.

7. Cube 2 Sauerbraten: Odds are you have no clue what the hell this game is. But that's what I'm here for. Cube 2 Sauerbraten is a first/third-person shooter for Mac/Windows/Linux that was incredibly popular in middle school. It was one of the few games we could play on the Macbook that school gave us that wasn't blocked and didn't need to be paid for. I remember playing this game at all times possible in class. Trying not to get caught while playing with several classmates. We used to play in health class and not even hide it. We'd shout across the room at each other and it was wonderful. So shout out to you Sauerbraten.

6. EA Sports Games. I know this is lame. EA is the devil and their sports games suck. However, I grew up playing these games. NHL, Madden, and NCAA 14 have accrued over 3000 hours on their own over the decade. Going from being the kid that played on the easiest difficulty and played with the best teams to playing on the hardest difficulty trying to rebuild the worst teams. The games haven't changed much, but I have and these games definitely show that.

5. The Last of Us: Man oh man, what a game. This might be one of my favorite games of the decade. I didn't play on PS3, but I got it when it came out on PS4 a few years later. This is one of the only games that has made me legitimately cry. I like to think of myself as a stoic fella who doesn't cry, but this game broke me. I got so attached to the characters. It was scary, intense, and the story was so good!

4. Minecraft: This shouldn't really surprise anybody. I grew up playing this game throughout my entire teenage years. It started in sixth grade on the MacBook when my best friend hooked it up with his password. It was like playing with lego's, but a little more intense. It wasn't until high school when everybody was playing it. We would set up a LAN server and have ten plus guys playing at a time in the study hall. Then playing on a console with my younger siblings. Now we've all grown up and have gaming PC's and mod the hell out of it and buy our own servers.

3. Rainbow Six Siege: I bought Siege when it came out in 2015 and quite honestly it sucked shit. It was a bad video game. It wasn't fun, it was buggy, it was unbalanced, it was frustrating and not at all good. But in 2017, during OPERATION HEALTH, I decided I'd give it another try. It was so much more fun. A refreshing to play a shooter that was hardcore and ridiculously intense. I mean, the game makes my heart rate shoot through the roof, higher than any horror game I've ever played. I've bought every season pass since then, I've logged a few hundred hours, and it's one of those games that I always go back to.

2. Rocket League: Soccer, but with flying cars. That's what it is in its very basic form. But it has a super steep learning curve. You can see yourself improving in so many ways the more hours you log in it. You go from simply trying to hit the ball, to hitting the ball with direction, to hit the ball in the air, to hitting the ball in the air with direction. Then learning more and more advanced mechanics. I've logged close to 500 hours in the game and that doesn't even come close to some of the friends I play with. Yet another game that I always end up coming back to at some point.


Number 1

I'm doing it again. I'm going to say an entire series of games and you're going to say "Cam, that's not a game. That's several games. You have to choose just one." and to that I say... no. This is my list and I don't care. It's the Fallout Series! Primarily 3, New Vegas and 4. I've only just recently purchased 1,2, and tactics. Go fuck yourself Fallout 76, you're dead to me. I will not rant again, as I have done several times. Fallout is by far my favorite RPG. Since playing Fallout 3 for the first time in 2010 I have been fascinated by the idea of a nuclear fallout and really sparked my love for all things post apocalyptic. The idea of living in a country devastated by nuclear disaster is just so cool. I've played each game through several times, including all of the DLC. So many hours. So much time spent roaming a virtual world filled with horrifyingly mutated creatures. I could go on and on about why I love these games.

Honorable Mentions

In this case, dishonorable mention. Dishonored! Bethesda put out some absolute bangers this decade. This is one of them. One of the first stealth games I fell in love with. It's not just violence, it's creative violence. Freezing time as somebody shoots you, possessing their friend, walking them in front of the bullet, then teleporting behind the shooter, unfreezing time and murdering him while his bullet kills his fellow guard is just flat out entertaining.

Borderlands! Everybody loves borderlands. It's just mindless violence with hundreds of guns and quite possibly the greatest looter shooter of all time. Need I say more?

That's the list folks, feel free to comment what games defined your decade. Thanks for listening to my Ted Talk.

Last of the honorable mentions, Marvel's Spider-Man (2018). This game gave us everything we missed from Spider-Man 2 on PS2. A big open world, great web-swinging mechanics, all sorts of collectibles, a great story and plenty of crime to fight. It was just so much fun collecting everything so you can upgrade suits to look cooler and fight better. It's everything you could hope for in a Spider-Man game.

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