The Last Of Us Part II

The Last Of Us Part II comes out today! Here at TTB, we got some play time already so let's do a quick recap on "The Last Of Us Part 1" to refresh our minds! Obviously Players who are buying this should already know about the story-line and our baby Ellie, in which she's immune to the cataclysmic fungal virus that turns you into a zombie. The first time she's bitten she doesn't turn, instead her body is built by the very cure that could save the world! But now she needs to die, because it was developed inside her head and theirs no safe way to take the cure out without killing her. So the Fireflies group made the choice to operate and telling Joel "the main character at the time". Joel disagreed. Fireflies also disagreed about Joel taking Ellie. So Joel killed everyone in the hospital and took little Ellie away for good.

Recap over. *BREATH*

As we know Joel is super old now since the timeline jumped a quite a few years into the future where "The Last Of Us Part II" starts. Now that Ellie is an adult, she's had the spotlight of the main character for this story. Ellie settles down with Joel in Jackson, Wyoming, also with many others which is interesting because Joel always liked to be alone. But the main threat of the game are the Infected, bandits, Scars and Washington Liberation. Lots of baddies. One great element though is the fact you never feel removed from the narrative, story plot and cuts scenes because everything is playable. For instance, While traveling with a companion, you'll get bits of story through their conversations while traveling, fighting, or almost getting killed. Of course it's up to the player to play through all these to experience everything.

While playing there are 2 key elements you must keep in mind, Managing everything you have on Ellie and knowing that she's killable. So lots of Sneaking and listening, but don't get me wrong, you can run in guns blazing just don't run out of bullets! While not in the heat of battle, you are scavenging gear and items like rubbing alcohol, scissors, rags and more to craft stuff like health kits, ammo, or important items. You can also use the workbench to upgrade weapons like a handy rifle. Need to be safe though because it takes a long time to upgrade stuff, like one time we were in a building and got swarmed by infected cause we were making too much noise. So be careful and search the building first for baddies.

Let's kick it back a notch, Ellie isn't always fighting for her life and stressing out. They have some down time like going to get together's in town, chatting, going hunting to get food for the settlement and a possible love interest?

Things are starting to heat up! Ellie on the left and Dina on the right, Dina is a side character that kind of kicks off the story from the beginning in which tell's our little Ellie she likes them. Ellie being grown-up now and knows what they want like, their affections are bold and beautiful. But if you didn't know about Ellie's love interest from the get go, you can find out in the DLC for the first "The Last Of Us", but they gay.

Lastly the Scenes in game are so beautiful and full of life, that you almost forget that some city's are in ruin and full of baddies. The developers really hit that realistic apocalyptic feel where it just seems normal to be in this world where everywhere is just quiet and destroyed.

Without giving too much away for the story I insist you sit down and play this, it's going to the game of the year!

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