The Classic Puzzle Reinvented!*

Updated: Feb 14, 2019

Go cube launched their kick-starter early in 2018 and raised $850,000 out of a goal of $200,000 to kick start this smart cubing technology. So they blew it out of the park! according to the campaign, April of 2019 these should be shipping out to the backers and will be available to purchase soon after initial production. The cube is designed with an internal logic board that communicated via Bluetooth to an app. The app then keeps track of statistics like turns per minute, move count, time to solve, and rotations. In addition, though this appeals to the average speed cuber, it will also teach you how to solve it. It can recommend better and faster ways to solve it and my personal favorite - Compete with other players around the world and put you up on a leader-board for fastest time solved!

Although it's not wirelessly charged it does come with a charging dock if you so choose to purchase it, otherwise it charges via USB type C. Backers who pledged more than $89 it comes included. We don't know the full retail price, but we can expect that since backers were able to but the basic cube for a minimum donation of $59 USD that the full price is probably just under $100. As far as kick-starter says, the cube comes in 2 possible forms. A basic cube and an "edge" cube. The edge being a cube designed for speed-cubing I presume. The full video is on the link to Kickstarter. Go check it out!

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