The Cinematic Drone Revolution is Here

We all know the most well known name in drone cinematography is DJI. Their products provide some of the highest quality areal photography platforms to shoot video and snap pictures. Never before have these shots been accessible by the average consumer and they give everybody an opportunity to have an eye in the sky. There is a new style of drone cinematography that is making its way out from the underground called FPV. Unlike DJI products which can be purchased and flown right outside the box with very little difficulty, the FPV drones have a steep learning curve but give you the ability to get some of the most exciting footage possible.

Here is the video that inspired me to write this post followed by the most fantastic FPV footage I have ever seen. I truly hope you enjoy.


This footage was taken during the June 9th protests in Hong Kong where over a million people took to the streets. The pilot is known as 69FPV


This is Johnny FPV featured in Beautiful Destinations. The location is Turkey


Pilot FinckyFPV playing with snowmobiles in Sweden.

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