The 5 best editing tools for your phone!

With depth of field and the high resolution cameras in the market of smartphones, it still bears the question of what some of the best editing apps there are to really boost your photos and make them pop! We have narrowed it down to 5 of the best tools to have in your back pocket in order to achieve a stunning, high quality photo. Please note that these apps are intended to be used together and wont cover 5 different editing apps that all do the same thing. These apps are designed to bring forward an amazing feature to your photos in conjunction with the other apps to mix and blend a seemingly endless amount of options. Lets get started with our #1 editing app!


Google Snapseed

By far the most diverse in editing with the easiest to use interface. You load a picture in and you are equipped with about 25 tools to use. In each section of tools you get the infamous eyeball icon that lets you see your edits vs. the original. You can make colors more vibrant, add vignette, colorize objects, change lighting and effects, and even get rid of blemishes and those pesky zits. One of my favorite features is the double exposure which allows you to overlay another image and make it blend in blacks, whites or dead space. So you could make you hair a galaxy if you wanted! What this app lacks is the ability to cut or chop images. Which leads me to the next app on our list...


Photoshop MIX

It the closest thing you can get to Photoshop in your hands without actually having the full program. It's extremely similar to Photoshop but one thing the developers did well (aka Apple) is that its pretty user friendly. Keep in mind it uses the same UI so pictures you import and place on top of other images will overlay, and underlay the other way around. This is perfect for making cuts in a photo and adding them to another. Like superimposing my face onto a body builders.



Well since we are already talking about Apple and iOS lets talk about editing video. Or maybe you have an image you want to edit the sky moving. iMovie for iOS is by far the best video editor. The best part about it is it doesn't save your finished product in ye' old Mac OS .mov files. It saved them in .mp4, and you can upload them directly into a Dropbox, Google Drive, or the Files app on you iPhone/iPad. You are still able to make cuts and overlay video providing you the experience of using the full suite on Mac OS. Sorry my android users, this one is iOS only. But the versatility of this app makes it a must have for anyone looking to make great edits!


Pixaloop - by Enlight

If you browse social media at all you have probably seen a picture or two where you have a still image of a person and the water behind them, or smoke, or sky is moving?!? You can achieve this GIF with Pixaloop. I know this app does more, but to the average person you really aren't going to utilize all of it's features. That GIF feature is really the thing that sets this app apart, and makes it a MUST HAVE for your arsenal of editing apps. Paired with Snapseed, or Photoshop MIX this could be the pop! you are looking for in your images. Just imagine your perfectly lit selfie in the bathtub with your bath bomb. Boost up the color of that vibrant blue tub with Snapseed, heal the couple of zits on your nose that came out of nowhere, and make the water swirl around seemingly by magic! It's the trifecta of beauty.


Add text to photos, editing, app
Text 2 Photos

Text 2 Photos

You may find yourself at some point needing text on your photos. Or maybe you are a Youtuber who needs that perfect thumbnail. This app is by no means a professional app, however. If you can be patient with the ads, this provides some really stunning text and the best part about it... (NO WATERMARKS) Holy cow you'd be surprised how many text adding apps throw in a tag at the bottom or an annoying watermark. This just adds text, the text can be 3d, 2d, 4d, 5d, all the d's at once... Woah... Slow down. But really, this app is really great and performs extremely well. Like I said, it has ads, a lot. Still the best I have found though.

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