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Tesla's Self Driving Car - Game Changer

We have all hear it at some point, Tesla's self driving mode is scary, futuristic, crazy, awesome, and terrifying all at the same time. While that's true, Musk made a good point in a recent conference saying that LiDAR in cars is absurd, and we'd be better off using cameras and algorithms to self drive cars. He makes a valid point, LiDAR is old - LiDAR stands for Light Detection and Ranging. In other words, shooting a laser at an object and waiting for it to bounce back. While that's great and all, for the 1960's cops who want to speed trap people, you have to admit that when you put a 60 mph car and a human life at risk, the 19th century technology is not really something we should turn to.


Elon Musk has revolutionized the way we think about cars, technology, and our future here on earth. We are excited to see what innovations come next for the booming electric car company. With the release of the model Y recently we've seen a slight decline in the hype around Tesla but according to Elon that's to be expected. Think of it this way, even if Tesla doesn't become the number one electric car in the world, then someone will surpass it, and that's really the goal isn't it? To put electric cars in the hands of the people and change the world. This competition is exactly what will change the course of history. Autonomy is just a bonus! You know.. If every car went autonomous tomorrow, there would never be a traffic jam, and stoplights wouldn't need to exist. Your morning commute to work would be 100% more efficient, and the death rate of accidents would be almost fully diminished. It's incredible!

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