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Tesla Receives 5 Star Safety Rating!

Tesla recently went through a safety rating process through the infamous Australasian New Car Assessment Program (ANCAP for short) This Australian company is basically the industry standard for safety ratings with vehicles. With Tesla's structural body and safety features, a car simply can't get more safe! Unless it's fully autonomous - which it's main goal is to be as such. Check out some of these gnarly videos from ANCAP below!


No.. There is no sound. Not sure why - That's the best part :(

We love Tesla here on TTB, especially me. I know that autonomy scares people but think of it this way. The likelihood of an autonomous car going rouge and murdering someone on purpose is still going to be marginally less than people who actually suck at driving, and trust me, I live in Maine... I would know sucky driving! Theoretically: If every car on earth simultaneously went autonomous - there would be no need for red lights or green lights, stop signs or yield signs. Every car would be on the same page as the one in front of it. I would gamble to say that (provided the roads are always in good condition) there would be no more car accidents all together. That's not how the world works, I understand that however, making autonomous cars in a sea of sucky drivers is still a good idea, and a safe one. I think ANCAP would agree. If you haven't seen the full video yet take a look at 2:00

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