Tesla Cyber Truck is Actually Genius...

This post is to give you some insight on the absolutely genius design and idea behind the cyber truck. I'm not going to beat around the bush, lets get right to it:



One thing comes to mind for everyone when they first see the Cuber Truck - It's ugly. Sure, it's not the sexy traditional Tesla design, no, but there are several reasons why it looks the way it looks, and it may be a surprise to you.

It's extremely cheap to manufacture - Unlike almost every other car on the market, Cyber Truck is designed like a piece of origami. A single sheet of Steel is used and cut from a single industrial sized CNC machine and then bent into shape. Other cars have thousands, if not hundreds of thousands of parts cast together, making things like repairs, manufacturing, and maintenance very expensive. The steel look isn't very attractive, but it is undoubtedly durable as all hell - and lightweight too. It's cheap unlike aluminium, which is now one of the industries more expensive "per pound metal". According to infomine.com, aluminum averages around .80 cents per pound, whereas steel averages out to be $0.40 cents per pound - half the cost! And now with the Gigafactory pumping out batteries like no tomorrow, L-ion batteries are easy to come by and cheap as well!



I talked a little bit about design in the cost, but one thing to note about it's design other than the simplicity of manufacturing is how straight and "edgy" it is. Think about this for a second.

Say you get into a bad accident in the truck. You damage the side panels and maybe a window or two. Since there are no curved edges, a single sheet of cast steel can be welded in it's place, with no paint, and fixed within an hour or two. Repairing the Cyber Truck would be a simple task! It's also very aerodynamic - of course. A major flaw of the "Big Box" trucks today are that they are jacked up in height and suffocate the airflow with their boxy design. There is a reason people call them "Gas Guzzlers"


WOW Factor!

You'd be dumb not to think - Holy crap, that's different...

The initial reaction wasn't because Musk thought it was cool and everyone else in the world thought it was absurd. He did it because it turns heads. Period. There is no way you could drive this truck down the road and not be noticed. That's exactly the point. He worked so hard over the last several years launching a fully electric car that fits seamlessly into the current world of cars. Now that he has made a name for himself, it's time to shock the world - and that's exactly what he did! It's the same thing every large company does, look at Apple with the notch design, or Motorola with a Smart flip-phone!

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