Tech Trends In A Post COVID-19 World

The world of technology has been in the spotlight during this pandemic, with hundreds of companies heavily investing in new pieces of tech to improve their already existing workflow. There are thousands and thousands of startups who, in fact, have risen from nowhere during this pandemic and these ones are most definitely going to reshape the world of technology as we know it. Let's dive through the future of technology in a post-COVID-19 world.

Face Recognition and AI

As many of you know, social distancing has been forced in the vast majority of the world, with sometimes extremely strict guidelines. In China, for example, there are several districts and cities which decided that, in order to maintain social distancing, the usage of AI regulates and checks (via cams) if people are safely following the guidelines. This is done with a combination of face recognition AI and SLAM (Simultaneous Localization and Mapping) which both serve the sole purpose of analysing the surrounding and the people's behaviour on the street, in clubs and bars and within shops.

Machine Learning For Web Technologies

If there's one thing which emerged throughout this pandemic, that'd be the fact that, generally, the vast majority of development processes, especially within web technologies, are bulky and slow to execute. In 2019, Machine Learning was the most trendy topic within web development, especially in regards to data management and data analysis but, now more than ever, it's safe to say that machine learning and automation will be used to build front end architectures such as apps, websites and many more.

A team of app developers in the UK has stated that, throughout this entire pandemic, the most requested feature from their clients was ML and Deep Learning, which confirms what said above. It's important, in fact. to remember that the UK is still the European powerhouse for everything tech, so we can safely say that this trend will grow even further in the future.

Data Regulation

Following what happened in the last couple of years with India and the US banning a number of Chinese apps due to the exploitation they were setting up in regards to big data (mainly cookies and preferences), it's clear that another big topic that will soon come out of the blue would be data regulation. Europe has already seen this happening with GDPR 2 years ago, but this is just going to become even more strict given the fact that such rules could have been easily bypassed by using another form of data gathering.

To Conclude

2021 is definitely going to be very tech-driven, the world is basically asking for it. COVID-19 will be remembered as the digitalisation trigger and the final blow for bulky, traditional pieces of tech.

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