#TeamTrees 20 Million Trees planted by 2020!

Updated: Nov 6, 2019

One thing is certain, and that is when Mr. Beast says hes going to do something, he does it. Now Mr. Beast can't necessarily just donate 20 million dollars to plant trees, he did in fact donate roughly $200,000 to the campaign. Big-Wigs such as Elon Musk and Tobi Lutke have donated $1,000,000 to the campaign. Personally, I feel like bill gates can spare a few million but he doesn't really need to considering most of his money goes towards charities anyway...

I digress, If you want to help out, you can go visit teamtrees.org and donate as little as $1, each dollar is 1 tree promised to be planted. Which brings up another point... I bet you #teamtrees is actually freaking out now because they most likely didn't anticipate such a strong following of people, but hey, they made a promise, so they must deliver. Swag is now available on their site as well as a slew of accredited Youtubers making awesome videos. Mr. Beast actually got down and dirty just straight up planting trees, while Linus from LTT took it to an extreme and actually made a cannon that shoots trees into the ground! Take a look down below for some of our favorite Videos!


Mr. Beast Getting Down and dirty planting a TON of trees!


Mark Rober (Very smart dude) made a drone-strike airforce to plant his trees!


Destin from Smarter Every Day talks nerdy to us!


Linus with his absurd blasting canon to plant trees!


Derek from Veritasium talking about the science behind trees and where our focus should be!

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