PAX was missing something HUGE!

Pax East recently passed and while there were many of Snapchat's competitors at the event, Snapchat was missing from the scene. It's not absurdly bizarre because only rumors have been told about their infamous “Project Cognac” — a gaming platform that includes a slew of new games for Snapchat users to play that were developed by outside creators.

That's right... Snapchat is trying to get into the gaming bandwagon. Investors of the company are already shaking in their boots because the volatility of the company's stock is worse than kingda-ka, and this is a HUGE risk. However, it is interesting and something that only Facebook has really sunk their teeth into recently. In fact, Facebook had their own gaming section at Pax and were hosting gaming tournaments being streamed onto Facebook live (Facebook's bad twitch-like interface)

It's to no surprise that Snapchat didn't make an appearance only because nothing is set in stone, but rumors have spread like wildfire about the launch and it seems like Snapchat missed a massive opportunity to get the interface into the hands of the consumer for early bird feedback. Many indie game and new game designers offer beta material at Pax for real-time feedback. In fact, I personally go to experience new and inviting games and developers share their frustrations and accomplishments with launching games and ideas. It almost seems like Snapchat is "too good" and "too big" for that scene, but I think it was the perfect opportunity, I guess we will see how this impacts the company in the coming months. Make sure to become a member to the site if you want updated information about what happens next!

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