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Samsung has the Best Smartphone Camera's, Period.

MKBHD Has done his yearly phone head-to-head camera competition where he takes the same photo across multiple devices and puts them up to a blind test on social media. You can find more info about MKBHD - here

As you can tell by the title - Samsung won by a bit of a land slide. And it was interesting to note (pun intended) that typically the pictures with the sharpest images were picked this year. Which is a bit unusual because most people like a sharp image with a blurred background. Something about 2019's idea of good photos has a different air around it than last years competition...


The biggest upset of the bracket had to be the iPhone 11 getting absolutely stomped by the onePlus 7T Pro. It's actually not that surprising if you think about it, the iPhone specializes in that blurry background and sharp foreground pictures, and like I said before, that's not what everyone is into these days. Maybe that was just a "phase" for lack of better terms. Either way, a $1,400 phone got slain by a $600 phone, thats just embarrassing for Apple, especially since just about the only thing going for them these days is the Camera.


If you are interested in seeing how each of them were put up in the bracket and the over all performance, go check out Marques Brownlees' Youtube Chanel!

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