This is What a Samsung Rep Thinks of the iPhone...

For this blog I interviewed a Samsung Rep in the UK to pick at their brain and see how they personally feel about the current state of the OS and how it compares to Apple devices. This candidate was simply perfect because they have almost always exclusively used Apple in the past. Lets see what they had to say:

Since you’ve switched to Samsung, what’s one thing you really miss about Apple phones?

Nothing comes to mind. I do enjoy their build quality.

Name 3 things you do better on a Samsung phone that is harder to do on an iPhone...

Find and manage files, customization, nothing that I know like secure folder.

What’s more worth it at its price right now?

Between Samsung and Apple? Samsung! I can't deny that Apple make good phones. Just way too expensive especially when they don't innovate anymore!

How do you think Samsung could improve the OS? What are some weaknesses?

Eh, little things I guess I can't think off the top of my head. One silly thing that springs to mind is I wish the ringtone and notification volume where coupled so I can control them both with the volume buttons.

Is there anything you can tell us about the newest Samsung devices?

There's nothing about upcoming devices I can say but I can say that the Note 10+ is the best phone I've ever used.


There's no doubt everyone has been giving Apple crap for the last few years of their lack of shock in the Tech world. How would you compare the two? Leave a comment down below or join the Forums to voice your opinion! Thanks for reading.

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