Resident Evil 2 Remastered... Jump Scares!

Updated: Aug 26, 2019

Resident Evil, in general, is my favorite game series by far. Now the new Resident Evil 2 remaster just makes the franchise so much better! Plus so many jump scares which I love. Here's a video of people freaking out over the silliest stuff.

Sure Scary stuff is cool and all but the game has so much more to it. I just beat it and then I found out there's a another play though that has a different ending... WHATTT? So now I have to play it over again, but luckily, if you're like me and do not like to play the same story line, you have two characters to choose from! Leon or Claire.

Mr.Leon "Heeeeyyy"

Picking Leon puts you outside of the RPD Police station and you end up in the jail area where things go South and of course there's tons of zombies to run away from... my buddy Tony wouldn't make it. Then from there, you end up meeting a reporter who doesn't know what he want's in life and also a bad ass chick who just shoots everyone. Also going to a gunshop at the corner of town then towards the sewers. After our hawt boy gets shot down for a bit, badass girl takes the wheel, heads towards NEST, then hops onto a train and into the sunset with Claire.

"freeze or ill handcuff you" :D

Picking Claire means you can dress up like a cop! Like Leon, you can get many outfits for each character after beating the game or buying some DLC. But once you choose Claire you're put right into the RPD Police station where you meet Marvin, who actually saves you by pulling you out the door from some zombies. Yikes! Of course you're also greeted by none other than Mr. X - AKA your super stalker boyfriend who doesn't stop following you.

"Looking good sugar, Give me some of dat A$$"

So while trying to avoid this hunk on metal chasing you all over the station, you got some puzzles to solve! Then proceeding towards the basement, to find a cute innocent girl name Sherry. After finding said adorable Sherry her Daddy issues are right behind her which hits you right in the back of the head and BOOM boss battle.

After big daddy issues is gone you head to the garage to find yet again another dude trying to jack up Claire's day, he takes Sherry our little pup and shuts the gate, after rescuing said pup we continue to the sewer where NEST is, kill Daddy issues AGAIN then ride into the sunset with beautiful Leon!

"hey there big boy"

If y'all get bored of playing the same old story mode after a couple times, play the other features like challenge mode which are part of different scenarios from the main story. Some being funny other's being terrifying. Here is PewDiePie playing the whole damn thing, Enjoy!

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