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Red Outpost: The 2-4 Player Communist Utopia Board Game

I'll be honest that not many kickstarter board games have gotten me excited recently... but this is one that's got me frothing at the bit. I cannot wait to get my hands on this game.

Red Outpost is a 2-4 player 30-60 minute worker-placement game set on an alien planet. A competitive game set in a Communist Utopia. A top secret Soviet space mission set out to colonize a planet in a remote galaxy, far away from home. The settlers built a small communist heaven which exists to this day. As one of the leaders, your goal is to guide the settlers on this new, yet strangely familiar terrain. Players take turns placing the shared settlers in this Communist Utopia. You must manage resources and carefully choose the right worker for the right job so as not to upset the settlers: keeping up the morale is of utmost importance if you want to become the most prolific leader!

The thematic elements of this game are amazing, the art is top notch, and the price... you cannot beat the price.

Do yourself a favor and check out their kickstarter here - but hurry, their deluxe limited edition is running out of spots!!

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