How to Port a Number - The Ultimate Guide!

Porting a number can be extremely tedious, confusing, and down right absurd depending on the carriers. Not to mention depending on the carries, type of phone, and the date in which you purchased it, can all make a huge difference in the timing, availability, portability, and process you use to port that number. This guide is created to give you a 1 stop shop on everything you need to successfully port your number.

What is Porting: Think of a phone number as a property, your carrier in a way owns the rights to that number while you have it, and depending on your agreement with your carrier, your number needs to overcome a transfer in order for you to take that phone number elsewhere, even if it's the same carrier! Side note: It is rare, but sometimes numbers are banned from certain carriers! To find out more info on porting history check out this article:

How to use this guide: First, find your carrier (The one you want to port from) then find the carrier you wish to port to and follow the flow by reading the info you need.

Disclaimer: It is important that you do not cancel your mobile phone contract with your current provider, until your phone number has ported (transferred) to your new mobile phone network provider. The overlap is required or you may lose the rights to your phone number and it will be immediately used by the carrier who owns it.

Verizon Wireless

I am Porting out info:

  • Time to port = Immediately - 4 Hours

  • Info Needed: Phone number, Account managers info, 4 digit account pin. (for porting Verizon to Verizon call Assumption of Liability line first: 800-922-0204)

  • Make sure your device is fully paid off if you intend to activate your Verizon Phone to another carrier, for business customers make sure you are out of a 2 year contract if applicable. Verizon has 24 Month Agreements.

  • If you have a Device payment agreement and you leave Verizon, they will charge you for the remainder of that device, broken or not, unless you have insurance. Here is Verizon's Insurance provider:

  • Check to see if your phone is capable of 4G or higher here, 3G devices cannot be removed and reactivated on almost any carrier.

I am Porting in info:

  • First thing check compatibility of your device with this checker:

  • For porting Verizon to Verizon call Assumption of Liability line first: 800-922-0204

  • Make sure the number is released and can be ported. Once confirmed, check your device, that same link will walk you through it. The only thing left is to activate a compatible SIM card to activate the port.

  • IMPORTANT: Check on this list port out "time to port" info for your carrier you came from, this determines how long is takes for the port to complete.


I am Porting out info:

  • Time to port = Immediately - 4 Hours

Info Needed:

  1. Phone number you want to transfer.

  2. Account holder's name.

  3. Billing address for the account.

  4. Account holder's Social Security number or