Playstation Takes A Step In The Right Direction!

The one thing I believe Xbox has over Playstation is their gamepass. Both consoles have their own version, but PS' version was a streaming service. Basically Netflix, but for video games. The problem that comes from this is the same problem Google Stadia faces. Terrible input lag, mediocre quality without great internet, and the inability to download the games. This has been changed, but only kind of. Playstation has introduced the ability to download games, getting rid of the input lag and quality issues. However there's always a catch. It's only specific games.

So it's great that we get do download games like PUBG, Rocket League, MKX, and Horizon Zero Dawn. We are still forced to stream some of the most popular PS3 titles like Red Dead Redemption, Fallout 3 and New Vegas, Star Wars The Force Unleashed, and the God Of War games. They matched the ten dollar price tag, now we just need the rest of these to be downloadable, and all the great discounts Microsoft always has on their game pass.

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