On This Day In Tech History - February 19

First off - I'm sorry I missed a couple days. I've been pretty sick - but I'm back and it's business as usual!

Apple's 6 color logo used from 1977 - 1998

On this day in 1987: The Apple.com domain was registered. While this may not seem like that big of a deal, keep in mind that the World Wide Web did not go live until 1991. This shows the foresight that Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak had to register a domain 4 years before it would be relevant - and 4 years before Microsoft.com. Fun fact - Today, Apple.com receives, on average, over 17 million visitors each day for a total of 510.31 million visitors per month!

On this day in 2008: The battle for high definition succession of the DVD ends with Blu-Ray emerging victorious. At the time, the Sony/Phillips backed Blu-ray format and Toshiba/NEC backed HD DVD format were in a fight to the death to become the HD format of choice for the masses. Fun fact - Even though giants like Microsoft, Intel and HP all sided with HD DVD - the demise came from Warner Bros and Netflix both announcing they would no longer support HD DVD format, as well as Best Buy and Wal-Mart stating they would remove HD DVD players from their shelves. Best Buy and Wal-Mart when on to state they would recommend Blu-ray disc over HD DVD in all their retail locations.

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