Ninja Quit Twitch?! For Mixer!?

So we all love Ninja, but why the sudden change? Sure there's a ton of stuff going down with Twitch, but makes you think there's a ton of money involved heading to a whole new stream. Mixer may seem fresh and new but its been out for a while, 4 years to be exact. Now since Ninja joined Mixer exclusively, starting today 08/01/2019 Mixer is having a Great deal this week! Once you sign up for Mixer you get two months free! If that's not a complete welcome for Ninja and his couple million followers I don't know what is. Watch video of Ninja telling his story below to find out more from our hero!

Video by Ninja click "here"to view his page on Youtube! Good luck Ninja! I'm gonna sub, you all should to! Click one to view another blog!

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