Moto RAZR First Impressions

Coming January 2020, the all new folding Smartphone that makes Millennials and Boomers nostalgic AF. Sorry Gen-Z - you just don't really understand...

A bold phone to put to market, and the first Flip-phone with a price tag over a grand, literally ever. If I wasn't so broke I would consider actually buying this because it's genuinely practical. Let me explain why...

So this will actually retail for $1,499.99 which is a steep price these days for any smartphone. However, when you consider the practicality of this, and the nostalgia of course, it might actually be worth it. To some extent flip phones make a lot of sense. They fold away and become smaller in your pocket, which is super helpful. There is something about taking a phone out of your pocket and flipping it open that no smartphone - No not even you Galaxy Fold - can compare. Seriously, good for Moto for doing this! It's fascinating and different! That's what the tech market wants, not the 17th same damn iPhone with all the same shit as last year. Cmon Apple, innovate already! Although this is totally a remake of the classic Razor... So It's not actually innovation, but to some extent it is with its folding screen.

Check out the behind the scenes!

Here are some Specs to Note:


  • 6.2” foldable pOLED, HD (2142 x 876p), 21:9 Cinemavision

External Display

  • Quick View: 2.7” gOLED, 600 x 800p, 4:3 aspect ratio