Best Mesh Routers for Big Homes and Small Businesses

Updated: Feb 26, 2020

Depending on the size and Square footage of your location, you may be considering getting a stronger and for versatile wifi system. There are a couple of options that are amazing and modular that you can get, let's take a look at a few below.

ORBI - By Netgear

Netgear's Obri has a very good method for attacking this solution. A mesh network usually consists of 1 central router with secondary devices (or nodes) that take the already existing connection and boosts the signal. Not with Orbi! Orbi uses multiple routers and from there, expand into nodes so you get full coverage at full speed and capacity. Not packet loss here! It is modular because you can keep expanding nodes to add range and speed. Lets take a look at some raw specs:

Obviously you aren't going to get nighthawk speeds right out of the gate with this solution, but the coverage is where it excels. Plus, let's be honest. If you are reading this in 2020 chances are you are only getting 100-300 Mbs and this can handle 1.7Gb internet, so.... What are you complaining for?


NEST - By Google

Google Nest seems to have the advantage over Orbi in 2 categories. 1 being that the nodes (secondary devices) double up as a home wifi speaker system. 2 being that it integrates seamlessly with Google devices. Meaning you can go ahead and ask your google home to turn off the wifi, and it will follow your command with no middle man or apps. It is a good solution for the modern home or business looking or multiple solutions at once. I could easily see this product being used in a small business that doesn't want to install an expensive speaker system, but also relies on a strong wifi connection. Plus, they look slick, sort of like Apple products.

Much like Orbi, their mesh network is modular and expandable, however, the speeds of Google's mesh network aren't as reliable of Orbi's mainly because google doesn't have multiple points of contact - they only have secondary nodes that boost the signal creating boosts to the existing network. It's plenty enough to have a multi-point connection but if you are looking for purely speed and performance, Orbi is cheaper.

Approx Prices

Orbi: $199-250 (Depending on expansion)

Nest: $250-$350 (Depending on expansion)

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