KFC Gaming Console

KFC is just not messing around anymore or being shy. It seems the big hit game they made back in 2019 "I Love You Colonel Sanders Dating Simulator" wasn't the last thing on their list in the gaming world.

@kfcgaming made this Twitter announcement a couple of hours ago about making a gaming console! Watch the video to check it out.

Now, of course, it looks silly. But KFC did say this is very real and will release all the details later this year around November 12. Now putting Skepticism aside and all the love from the PS5 that they've been giving in the last 24 hours, they are giving the fans what they want and claim it to be apart of the console wars. I cant wait to see how this turns out in November!

Heres also a quote from Josh Benge, Engagement Manager at KFC.

At KFC we’ve been continually astounded by the gaming community’s amazing response to everything we’ve done and we had to give back with something truly incredible. We wanted to give gamers the best gaming experience on the market, with the convenience of a home chicken supply and so the KFConsole was born. We can’t wait to get into our fans’ hands later this year.

Source: 9to5toys

Think that was awesome? well there making shoes to!

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