2 of the Best IT Laptops in 2019

Updated: Jul 23, 2019

A couple things come to mind for the typical IT-lovers needs. Lets cut right to the chase - Here's what we need:

A Full OS - Non of this 32 bit or Google OS stuff. We need access to MSTSC Remote Access, Windows 64bit, Servers, Domains, Admin CMD, etc.

Speed: It's not 2000 anymore, typically people look for high ram and storage. In this day-in-age speed is dictated by SSD, RAM, and Processor capabilities.

Mobility: I mean two things by this.

One: How much abuse can it take? So looking at durability, longevity and your long term investment.

Two: Can I slap this down and run if the problem I am trying to solve is urgent without breaking it?

With these 3 things in Mind I have narrowed down the two best Laptops you can buy right now and get the most out of your purchase.

Dell XPS 13/15: $999.99 avg

This machine is the epitome of mobility. It's small, lightweight and packs a punch in computing capability. A strong SSD and processor make this a complete powerhouse with a full System OS, great mobility and it's highly versatile. The shell is carbon and hardened rubber making this an extremely tough machine. The SSD allows this laptop to have an extremely small form-factor allowing it to be highly mobile. You can keep this under your arm all day with out causing wear and tear on it. As far as speed goes this is nearly unmatched. Read/Write speeds on SSD's are 10x faster than a traditional HDD - making this an extremely fast laptop. Lets take a look at the Specs: