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What is the real cost of a screen replacement?

Updated: Feb 14, 2019

Alright, we have almost all been there. You drop your phone, it lands face down and you hear a bang. You wonder if it's just a scratch or completely shattered. you bend over slowly to grab your phone, almost wanting to just leave it there and pray. Like Schrodingers iPhone, it's both broken and fixed at the same time. You turn it around only to find it's cracked and you simply can't live with it like this. What do you do? Lets see, you are still paying for it and lets say you have $200 left to pay it off, and the local repair shop is going to charge you $150 to replace it. Well, id say that's a really hard decision. You could pay the $150 and live with your "old" phone for another year or two, or until it has issues, and then you also run the risk of it not working properly. Or you can pay the extra $50 and get the latest and greatest, guaranteed to last and warranted for at least a year. Oh wait! I almost forgot. Didn't I buy that insurance plan? Yeah! I definitely did. Wait... What do you mean the replacement phone is $129.... UGH!

So what's the deal. Why can my car blow a tire and I can go get 4 new tires for $400 when the MSRP of the car is $40,000. Yet a tiny piece of glass on a phone that's $700 is almost $200. It's because.... get ready for this... This might stir some bad mojo in here. It's because it's Not. That's right, I can go buy 5 iPhone 7 screens for $11 each. For about $70 (with shipping and handling) I can equip myself with 5 replacement screens and charge you $150 no problem. Why? because you're not gonna do it! Why would you risk it? That phone is your life, and you need it. And with necessity comes $$$. But you need a car don't you? So what's the difference?

The difference is that auto part shops can order OEM parts, in bulk, with discounts. And those parts are endorsed by the same manufacturer that makes the cars. They encourage it! Of course they want you to buy a new car when you can, but lets be human for a minute, please! Well tech giant, Apple and other companies as well simply will not do it. They make a huge margin of profit on insurance plans and the fact that you need it. So much so that early last year Apple actually tested the waters on a software update that would make non OEM parts (ie. Home buttons, Screens, Batteries) to stop working if the firmware doesn't match. So lets recap: You break your phone and pay $200 to get a screen, then Apple says "Nah fam we didn't manufacture that screen so we will make it stop working". Are you Kidding? Needless to say that didn't blow over well. Apple recalled the update and "fixed" the issue. Look, I get it Apple, you are all about the money. Can we like... Not do that though? Thanks!

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