Another Text Bug Crashes iPhones!

Yet again a symbol that iPhones cannot make sense of will destroy your phone. Since most of TTB's users access blogs by phone, we won't be posting the official symbol here. However, EverythingApplePro did a great video on this already so I will ink it below:

Apple has addressed the issue formally and hinted that their fix is close. Currently this is affecting iOS users with 13.4.1 or below. Needless to say 13.4.5 update will be launching very soon, as Apple doesn't want this to be a thing for very long. The last time this happened many people would send mass texts or tweet/Facebook the symbol, crashing millions of iPhones - Including mine... The text is a Sindhi character. It's pretty interesting to me how iPhones detect these symbols... I wonder if they are using some sort of hashing or data encryption, otherwise why wouldn't you just write something like "If symbol unknown, make a ???" but I suppose that's too "Andriod" like behavior for Apple. Arguably so is crashing so not sure what Apple will do in the future to implement a fix before this happens.

Thanks for reading!

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