iOS 14 - The Best iOS Version EVER

Alright it's about time! I know, all you Android users are dying right now because what I am about to tell you has been in the land of smartphones since the early 2000's. You know Apple doesn't mess around with features, they try and make them better. It's hard to say without using it yet if it will be any good. You can expect the update to roll around sometime in the fall of 2020, typically in September or October. So what's new? A lot! TTB Isn't going to give you the boring details, just the stuff you really care about. So lets summarize it.

Widgets.... Finally!

Yep, you heard it. It's still not as dynamic as the Android widgets where you can resize them specifically to the grid, but they are finally here. There are 2 major things to know about the new widgets. First thing is that each widget comes in different preset sizes that you can add to the screen. Second is that Apple created a new feature to widgets called "Smart Stack" where you can create a carousel of widgets. So much like the face of an apple watch, you can swipe up or down to file through them at will. Additionally, you can set times based on the widgets you are more likely to use as time goes on. This has support for developers as well, which means you can add widgets that aren't apple-specific. Think about how useful this can be for things like starting your Tesla, or accessing a smart house.


One thing to note about the home screen redesign is that you can now hide pages of your home screen, so you can put all of those apps that you normally tuck away into the corner of your screen in a folder, and hide them!

This wasn't really talked much, and obviously because Apple is finally letting other apps shine. They now let you choose Google Chrome as your default browser, and Gmail as your default Mail app. Why did I choose those 2? Well, because that's what everyone uses, that's why... I digress.


Pinned Messages, With Notifications!

You will now have the ability to long press on messages and pin them to the top of your screen, in addition to that, Apple makes it very easy to see new messages and even offer a little blurb of text so you can see reactions, messages, and notifications without having to open up the text stream. This is a lot like slack, Facebook messenger, and many other chat platforms. This overhaul of messenger was a very good move for Apple. It's forcing them to make their products better by competing with other app platforms. I am excited about this one personally.


On the topic of chat, Me-Moji's are getting A LOT more customization options. Much needed, it was beginning to feel a little dry honestly. Also, what's up with the purple chick?!?


App Clips

This one is a little bit confusing. What it is, is a part of a an app that you don't already have installed. For example, lets say you want to rent a city bike from an app, but you haven't used it before.. That's okay! An app clip would pop up asking if you want to pay for it, you can pay through the app clip, take the bike and go! Without ever having to clutter your screen with unneeded apps! I can think of about 10 apps I do this with. Dominoes, Fandom, Meetup, Uber, Yelp... You get the idea. I don't ever peruse through them, I just use them for one thing. App clips will come in handy!


App Drawers

I am talking about this one last on my list because it's just straight up an app drawer that Andriod has had since Andriod was invented. It's got about the same functionality, nothing too special about it, other than grouping your drawers into smaller drawers. Big whoop!

I will leave you off with a bigger deep dive by MKBHD. I would have posted Everything Apple Pro here, but MKBHD beat him to the punch this year!

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