iOS 13.3 Will Add Dynamic Parental Controls for Kids

Updated: Apr 10, 2020

iOS 13.3 will add an all new look and dynamic range of parental controls to Screen Time! Lets recap the old Screen Time: Apple wrapped up categories of applications by type for you, meaning if you downloaded 2 different games on your iOS device, and a parent wanted to restrict all gaming from the device, say between 12 and 3pm - they could. However, the problem with categorizing apps is that you can run into some of these problems:

1. You want to restrict certain apps but not others that may fall under the same category (i.e.

Facebook but not Instagram) - Both of which were previously identified as social media.


2. Some apps were not identified correctly (Photoshop might be under games) but to a child, that may be needed for school or a project...

The dynamic app limits make it possible to set parameters to every individual app now! So you can restrict or allow access to all apps within any time-frame or screen time limit you want. This is great news not only for parents but for children! Like I said in the above statement, sometimes apps are miss-categorized, and because of that parents had to implement a blanket rule - restricting multiple apps at once.

Additionally, you can do the same with restrictions or access to individual contacts as well - allowing a phone that wont be able to dial any other number except for the ones you specify. Conversely, calls can't come to you except for the numbers specified. If you wanted to, you could turn your child's iPhone into essentially a walkie-talkie. I see this serving 2 major benefits. One being that you can give your child an iPhone without having to worry about access to dangerous apps or online content, and white-listing phone calls and text messages that may pose as a threat to a child.

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