iOS 12.1.4 - Faster iPhones!

Every now and again I hear people tell me that they don't update their iOS because their phone crashed last time they did one. It's important to understand that if an update rolls out it's intention is to fix bugs, and make performance better. It is possible that if you run an update that's intended to be for a newer model, that you might be the first to experience a bug or glitch. So below I have listed exactly what will be patched in the newest update of iOS 12.1.4. First off are the highlights. The updates that are most important on the "need-to-know" basis. I have linked the full update list below. Lets get started!



MeMoji's are designed to create your own face as an Animoji on iPhones that support this feature.

iPhone X, Xs, Xr, and Xs Max will see this update. MeMoji's will operate the same way as Animoji's did and adds an all new customization screen including an extremely wide array of skin colors, expressions, and accessories. You can even make an alien if you want!



This app I personally think should be called "Make your kids stop playing games when you want them to" app. This can be used in so many ways, and it's a really unique and helpful feature in iOS 12. You can limit app time by setting a pin and a time limit for specific apps. Unfortunately Apple has made a preset list that categorizes apps based on what they do, but it's not always accurate. Like for example: I downloaded an app called Life360 to a drivers phone to see route tracking and location, and I don't want them to be able to go in there and see it or configure any of the settings. So I went in to Screentime and set a limit of 1 minute, which automatically disables it as soon as they launch it. (also something they should add is to just block apps for 0 second usage). I digress, However, it sets the category of that app to Social media. So If I wanted to block just that one app I would have to also be blocking Snapchat, Facebook, Pinterest, and all the other apps that are also categorized "social media" even though Life360 isn't exactly social media... There is a way around this, but Apple makes in convoluted and difficult when there is so much opportunity there to make it easy. The way around it is on the Screentime menu you should see "Always Allowed" so if you toggle this on and check off Snapchat, Facebook, etc.. then you can go back and disable social media, and have those apps still working because now they are always allowed. Wouldn't it make more sense just to limit apps in particular instead of categorizing them? Who knows.. Great feature, but a bit unorthodox in the delivery I guess.


Siri Updates

Siri is going to see some enhancements as far as shortcuts. You can now add more shortcuts to Siri's activities - meaning you can program her to do a task upon a custom command. To do this On your iOS device, go to Settings > Siri & Search. You'll see three suggested shortcuts. Tap All Shortcuts to see more actions from different apps. To record a personal phrase, tap. Try to record a simple phrase that you'll remember. Tap Done. There you go, now go make her turn off when you say "Shut down, master demands it upon you Siri!"


There isn't much to say about AR enhancements other than if you have one of the new iPhones then you will have probably noticed the new icon that says "Measure". It uses AR to scan the room and measure things for you. It is very useful when you say, want to buy a couch and you don't know if it will fit. Simply load in a AR couch to the dimensions of the one you want to buy, throw your camera up at the wall, and BOOM! You can see how it will look, and fit. I think it's a great feature and will save a lot of people time. Also, it will get Amazon and other online providers to create 3d renderings of their products! How neat it that? It has a long way to come but I think It may be one of the top focal points to apples future. - Full Update link found here!

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