How to Stream on Twitch Without Spending Thousands!

For many of us, especially in quarantine lately, we tend to all want to play games, stream them, or watch streams. Twitch has long been the main platform for streaming but a lot of us wish we had the 1 million dollar dream setup for streaming - and while that would make streaming possibly easier and more accessible to you, it's not impossible to achieve a quality stream and interact with your community for little to no extra money at all.

In this post, you will learn how to find alternative and creative ways to create a great quality stream without spending thousands of dollars on nice cameras, huge computers, and professional grade microphones.

1. Console

When you stream there are really 4 basic things you absolutely need in order to get started. You need some sort of console. That could be a computer, an Xbox, a PS whatever, or even a semi-powerful smartphone! Yes I know, it's hard to spend less than several hundred dollars on one of these, but it is necessary if you wish to stream games. However, I have seen plenty of people just go to a friends house and stream together. Sharing resources is a great way to get started! Side note: Streaming to twitch these days actually doesn't even require a console - plenty of people just use it for podcasting, DJ'ing, and straight up just live streaming themselves talking to their community!