Have you heard of an AMV?

If yes, then you're in for a treat. If no, then you're in for a treat and some learning. An AMV is an animated music video. Usually the animation is anime (but not always) and it's edited to music. I'm a fan of anime, music, and good video editing and a good AMV is a good combination of all three of these. Just recently, an artist named Akira The Don entered my focus because of the a new genre of music he created called Meaningwave. He also does this cool thing where he mixes his music into anime and this one really sparked my interest. Using his audio mixing skills and the voice of David Goggins (motivational speaker and unltramarathon runner) he creates this new kind of music with intense meaning. As mentioned in a recent interview with Jordan Peterson, Akira The Don has been in a constant state of hyper-productivity. This is but just some of his most recent content:

Akira The Don: YouTube Bandcamp Spotify

David Goggins interview with Tom Bilyeu

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