Should you Buy the Galaxy Note 10?

The Galaxy Note 10 is Samsung's best device to market, to date. It ensures long battery life with it's "All-day battery" and specs that make my Gaming PC look only a little better in comparison.


However, the Samsung Galaxy Note 10 does not seem to have the most interesting new features, such as the TouchWiz skin. The Galaxy Note 10 is a great phone and I feel Samsung has just missed the mark for something new and exciting. Though, the specs speak for themselves.

"Design is everything. I've been using the Galaxy Note 10 for a few weeks now since receiving it. It comes in both black and dark colors, and both are very nice, with great attention to detail. The front and back look quite similar, and the back has good materials. I haven't noticed any odd materials on the Galaxy Note 10 or the Samsung Galaxy Note 2, though the rear of the Galaxy Note 10 is a bit too rough to let the phone give a scratch".

It feels durable, and is very well made. The Galaxy Note 10 feels strong in the hand, while it doesn't feel heavy. The body feels solid and the Galaxy Note 10 is quite thin which is nice. The screen on the Galaxy Note 10 is an IPS screen, and it looks very professional for the price, but the contrast is a bit low. The only real downside is the back cover of the phone being slightly recessed, and that can be a bit annoying sometimes. But enough about the details, lets explore what's different about the way you use this phone.


Other than just pumping in a bunch of raw specs and changing a few minor designs, this phone was designed in mind for the avid Galaxy user, so not many changes in that department. However, they did add the ability to charge other phones which is pretty neat, and they can use that feature to take stabs at apple's poorly designed battery - for now. Rumor has it that Samsung is designing a new type of battery with SAIT. "The Samsung Advanced Institute of Technology: has developed new battery material, made from a “graphene ball,” which could potentially deliver charging speeds five times faster than today's lithium ion batteries. Samsung announced the new material in a press release November 28." Now that is the type on innovation I want to see, a game-changer!


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Thank for reading! - Anthony

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