Is the Galaxy Fold a Galaxy Flop?

Recently users who were admitted in the beta testing version of the new foldable Samsung Galaxy device have been told to return their devices to Samsung for fixes, and not to officially review the product as a finished phone. Lets be honest, Samsung is pretty well known for jumping the gun on things, and with a competitor like Apple I don't blame them. However, it seems like the idea of a foldable phone is just out of reach for now. Recently in many cases, phones have been experiencing some extremely bizarre screen issues. Bizarre in the sense that, well it's a screen we've never really seen before, and it folds... Of course there are going to be issues with that! Just the sound of it sounds terrible, although I wouldn't say it was a complete flop, it was definitely a learning experience, as well as leaps and bounds ahead of Apple.

According to some reputable reviewers (mainly MKBHD and Unboxed Therapy) Samsung is likely to change the screens out, possibly make a tweak as far as durability goes, and re-write how this phone should be handled. I am all fine and dandy with explaining how delicate this device can be, but for thousands of dollars and a company as large as Samsung I have to say it's a little disappointing that they rushed this to the market only to find how delicate it really is.. Bottom line: It should be way more durable.