Google Announces Cloud Support for All IBMI Machines

Companies looking for for ways to modernize old legacy AS/400 can now seek cloud service though Google Cloud Platform.

Although Google wont host your AS400 on your behalf they will rent out service through IBMI Power Systems Servers - The "newer" architecture to AS/400.


It hasn't been confirmed by Google whether or not it may interfere with subsystem integration to OS/400 software. Meaning: If your current infrastructure has underlying subsystems such as S4i and VIP - you may not be able to migrate without cause trouble in those sections of your IBM i. Back in September, Microsoft actually beat Google to the punch by introducing Power 9 system support for cloud migrations to Azure. Both of which supports all legacy systems. "These machines can run the PowerVM hypervisor, which supports legacy IBM operating systems, as well as Linux."

This might be really good news for many on premise Power system customers, especially in migration to faster and better systems. Plus, no more messy networking involved. The only "down side" to this is that both Microsoft and Google price these out to be particularly similar in cost, so although it wont save you much money, you at least don't ever have to install a PTF ever again, and trust me - That's almost worth the money alone.

Thanks for reading! If you have any extremely simple questions about Power systems or OS/400 feel free to visit the Forum


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