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Google I/O Event - What to expect

Updated: May 9, 2019

It's time for Googles annual I/O event and today marks the 20 year history. Oddly enough, this event comes right after thousands of employees conducted and stand in against the company in regards to sexual misconduct between google management and employee allegations. However, we expect the event not to address that at all, and focus on more lively and innovative google products instead.

When and Where?

The event takes place today 10:00am PST (1:00PM EST) And can be live-streamed through Youtube - Obviously it will be on the home page! As the event goes by we will be updated this post with more details about the event and highlights if you want the TL;DR - We got your back! Stay tuned for more updates! And lets hope for a google smart electric car or something.


If you are chillin' on the Pacific coast you can go to the event at Mountain View California, provided you were invited or bought your tickets like 5 years ago.


Google Lens - A better version

By far the biggest insight to what developments were being made for google lens, and maybe someday that will become a reality. The highlights of this feature is now the ability to pick up actual real life information with just a picture. The demo they used was taking a picture of a menu at a restaurant. Google Lens would read the menu and cross reference that data with online data to let you know things like reviews, best dishes, wifi passwords if available and all sorts of stuff! It's really quite better than the old google lens which was already generations above what anyone else could do. It went even so far as to help you split the bill and calculate tips. Also, just like Bixby, you can now use google search lens to translate text real-time and it will even read it back to you!

Duplex - Automated tasks on the web for Pixel

Holy crap. This is the kind of stuff that makes me scared about robots taking over identities. So this basically take information from your day to day life such as a calendar event that someone send you. From there you can just simply ask Google to book a rental car for that event. It will strip the data from your email and start plugging in your information onto a car rental site - and you know it will be the best value because honey already has their claws in millions of retailer websites. So upon one voice command and a review of your information. All you have to say is "book a car for this" and it will. It starts importing your name, address, phone number, Email... Everything. WOW. Should I be concerned?

Faster response time - Human like

Just as the title implies. A lady asked Google to do tasks, about 10-15 tasks, in less than 1 minute. It actually kept up, and you could see that more detailed tasks such as when she asked Google to "get a lift ride to my hotel" It still performed it in less than a few seconds. Which is impressive considering it took me about a half hour to figure out how to use Uber for the first time. Also, one thing I noticed that they didn't really highlight was continuous conversation, something that has been missing in AI since the very beginning. We all know if you asks Siri "When is mothers day?" she will tell you. But then you launch it again and ask "What about Pi day?" Siri will most likely just show you web results for what Pi day is because you didn't ask her a direct question. This is something that Google did on stage. She asks "Whats the weather like today?" it popped up, then she said "what about tomorrow?" and it changed days. Google stayed on topic which is an incredible feat of AI!

Driving Mode - Pixel

This is the RIGHT way to make a phone safer in the car. Apple about a year ago Driving mode which basically just automatically turns your phone to "do not disturb" when it senses that its driving. Yeah, that pissed a lot of people off. I know because I was working at Verizon at the time and hundreds of people came in saying their phones had terrible service while driving... Thanks Apple. All Google did was create smart, easy to use shortcuts based on what you've been using the phone for throughout the day. Such as displaying a podcast you paused earlier or your favorite contacts and music. Also, when in driving mode, you may still get calls and texts, and Google will ask you if you want to respond over voice or pick up a call. That definitely will make it safer on the roads!

Incognito Mode - For maps, Google, and Youtube!

Incognito is actually pretty neat, and I use it day to day for various reasons. Sometimes your google account is linked to websites or locations that you don't always want to see. Incognito makes it easy for you now to search something or find a place that's not based on your personal preferences. This basically turns the AI off so it doesn't interfere with the data you choose not to share. It's good to see that Google embraces the idea behind sharing data and how invasive that can sometimes seem. It must be very hard to learn about someones needs to help them without them feeling like you're probing. I give Google mad credit for battling this in at least an ethical way - for now.

Live Caption

The best automated caption service on earth - built right in. Not much more to say about that! Finally someone made an effort here. Bad captions are the worst.

Smart Reply

Basically this looks at texts and emails within the phone and determines actions based on a request and snaps those shortcuts to the bottom of the text. As an example they used someone sent an address to you via text for a party you want to go to. Google will see the address and offer a little maps button next to it that you can click and it will launch the maps app and give you directions and ETA.

Android Q

Privacy and anti-malware up the wha-zoo! Thank god. It's been too long where I could just create a crappy app that blows up your phone and immediately download it onto someones phone. That's something that Apple has always been great at.

Carrier Options

Verizon, T-mobile, Sprint, and US cellular are now all on board with Google Pixel! What's happening over there AT&T? You still trying to sell people hugely profitable phones and bundling with Direct TV? *sigh* get with the program!

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