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GoCube - Insanely Awesome SmartCube!

So it's finally here. After a year and 2 months of waiting they shipped out GoCube to all their backers and it definitely lived up to it's expectations. Check out my full review on YouTube!

This cube will change the outlook on the classic Rubiks Cube forever.


All in all I think it's different in a good way. It's highly magnetic which I actually like and it moves very smoothly. It is however a lot smaller than even my smallest cube which makes it a little hard to solve when you first get it, unless this ends up being your very first cube. One great thing about GoCube is that they made games within the app that you can play along and learn how the cube works as you go. I can see this enhancing the solve ability of the cube to the general public ten fold.

Overall Very happy and highly recommended! Thank @GoCube Team!

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