GoCube - The Rubiks Everyone Can Solve!

If you are human, chances are you've heard of the classic Rubiks Cube. Most people associate the toy with anger, frustration, cheating, or straight up neglect. With so many negative connotations why was it the best selling american toy for so many years? It's most likely because you watched someone solve it, and to many, that takes no ordinary brain. It takes the brain of a mastermind genius with at least an IQ of 200+ right?


If anyone knows me personally then you probably know that I am sort of a cubing nut-job. I love this puzzle and I love how actually easy it is to solve once you understand how it works. I'd be the first to tell you, you don't need a college degree to solve one, you really just need an open mind, ambition, and a LOT of patience. It's one thing to Youtube how to solve one and get a cube in your hands and follow along, but it's another to learn different ways to solve and and understand how turning this puzzle affects it. GoCube is set to make a smart cube that kick starter backers get their first hands on models in early May of 2019 - you bet I backed this and I will be posting a Youtube review of the puzzle as soon as I get a chance! So what exactly is GoCube and how does it make the average Joe capable of solving?


GoCube is a smart cube that teaches you how to solve it, and tracks your progress. You download the GoCube app on your phone or tablet and it walks you through it. It will also analyze your moves and offer suggestions on a faster method, algorithms to memorize, and tips along the way. Some of you reading might be saying "algorithms? - Jeez that's some advanced math I never took in school, that's way above my head." You are wrong! An algorithms are preset steps that always yield the same sort of result. In fact, traffic lights run off algorithms. An example of an algorithm in cubing are preset moves that will move a specific piece, or a couple, to a location you want without messing up your progress.

There are currently 2 types of GoCubes available - The normal cube and Edge. The Edge cube has better turning capability as well as they key software and app features available to the user as seen above.

For the competitive bunch, there are plenty of games and battle modes available as well. I am excited for the official launch and we will keep you up to date on the site as well as time goes on. Thanks for reading and have a great day! - Anthony

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