The All New Galaxy Fold


a new method, idea, product, etc.

plural noun: innovations

Samsung were not the ones to invent it, no, but they surely crafted the idea to make a piece of art. This is the future of smartphones - at least for the next 5-10 years. I think wearable devices are the future, but that's for a different blog post.

In late 2018, Samsung debuted this image of their design process of the foldable screen. As I write this, my computer auto-corrected the word "foldable" as not a real word. It will be soon. There is no confirmed price on this thing, but there are speculations of the grand total being just under $2,000 coming from the Samsung camp. You know, it's sort of weird how Samsung's aim seemed to be the curved displays; bezel-less and full. With this design, however, it's bezel city. I know what you're thinking, "They have a curved screen already, it would be asking too much for an infinity display on this thing yet" There you go... Yet. So it's the first generation, the hype is here. We already know that the second, third and fourth generation of this thing will be incredible and better. So should you spend your money on this today? I say no way. If you are the type of person to always have the latest and greatest, then you might want to get it just to gloat, but I can already tell you App developers will literally lose their minds when they see what coding looks like for this thing. I feel so bad for up-and-coming developers because it seems like everything changes so dramatically so fast. That's the way of the tech world so, unfortunately, it is what it is.

As far as we know, it has a pretty sick hinge design on it, incorporating 2 turn points adding durability and longevity to the folding. It comes with a deep downfall though, we are talking about 5.4mm thickness when unfolded and 11mm thickness when folded in half. We are talking a little under half an inch. The original iPhone, released in 2007 was 11mm thick. I mean, this thing has to be, right? With that many AMOLED displays, the battery has to be around 4-5kmAh in order to handle all of that, not to mention the multitasking and large videos that this will use. We will try and get a first-hand look as soon as it comes out. Stay tuned for some video reviews on YouTube soon!

Spec Lineup as far as Samsung has released. 2/25/2019

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